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Private Prosecutions

Crime is a growing challenge for businesses, individuals, insurers, and regulatory bodies. As traditional prosecuting bodies such as the Police, Crown Prosecution Service and Serious Fraud Office are facing increasing demands on the resources they can deploy due to financial cutbacks and austerity measures, managed correctly and proportionately, private prosecutions can be a viable alternative.

The experienced Crime Prosecutors team can assist with a wide range of private prosecution services, including:

With the Crime Prosecutors team’s experience, we can advise on all aspects of the prosecution process from the preservation of evidence, disclosure and ongoing evaluation by experienced Crown Court prosecution barristers and K.C.s.

Starting a private prosecution is a major step with potentially significant cost implications. The combination of skills and experience offered by Crime Prosecutors ensures that each case is carefully considered at every stage.

With access to senior Crown Court advocates, we will always be clear on our advice as to whether a case should even be pursued.

The team are experienced in working to what is known as the "Full Code Test", the standard applied by Crown Prosecutors which has the following two stages:

  • Evidence - is there enough evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction? If so,
  • Public interest stage - prosecutors must decide if prosecuting is in the public interest.

If you, your business or organisation have been the victim of crime, get in touch to find out if you have the basis of a private prosecution case.

Crime Prosecutors

Private Prosecution Services for Businesses & Individuals

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