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Associate Director of Investigations

Michael George

Michael is a former senior police detective of 23 years and a specialist covert counter-terror intelligence officer. He has worked on and led teams of officers during some of the UK’s most high-profile counter terrorism, operations and investigations. Before this, his service in criminal investigation departments across the northeast saw him conducting complex investigations into serious and organised crime, including murder, corruption and major fraud. He continues to train and assess specialist officers from across the country and from various government organisations.

As the founder and managing director of Millbank Solutions, he leads a highly experienced and professional team of investigators, utilising that collective experience and expertise to gather admissible evidence on behalf of private and commercial clients wishing to bring a private prosecution.

His team of investigators include former officers and intelligence specialists from the elite UK Counter Terrorism Unit, Special Branch, financial investigation units, asset recovery and counter-corruption teams, as well as analysts and operatives from the British intelligence services. As individuals, they have been responsible for the recovery of millions of pounds in cash and assets following successful investigations across the globe and the bringing to justice of those responsible.

Michael is a strong leader and visionary when it comes to investigation. He and his team work closely and tirelessly with our associate legal consultants, to ensure the evidence presented to the legal team at Crime Prosecutors is of the highest standard possible, providing clients with the strongest chance of a successful outcome at court.

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